Friday, February 29, 2008

Layout for ADSR 3

Credits: I use everything from Smitten/Kami & Angela Niehaus (kit retired).

Yay!! I've finished my first page for ADSR 3. The 2nd challenge has been up and it's so challenging. We need to collaborate with our teammate to produce a layout. OK, I've never done such thing before, so this is really new to me. I've seen designers collaborating for kits, but I've never seen scrappers collaborating for a layout? LOL!

Oh, anyway, if you haven't got the freebie that I put up here yesterday, here ya go:

You can click on the image to download it. Thanks for stopping by!

New Layout and a Freebie!

Hi y'all! I have a special freebie for you, but first, lemme share a page I just made using AmyLeigh's new kit, Brilliant Blossoms:

Credits here.

Ahem, like always, if you haven't checked out the kit yet, do check it out, lol! There's a lot of beautiful papers and elements in it. I'm sure you'll love it! Oh, in case you haven't seen the kit yet, here it is (image is linked):

Beautiful, isn't it? OK, on with the freebie. I've just made it and I really hope that you'll love it as I enjoyed making it so much. Here's today's freebie for you (scroll down for the link):

As you can see, I've changed my freebie preview (or packaging). I love the new look so much. Hehe. What d'ya think? I've also made my own No Piracy reminder:

Please, please, do read my TOU. It's important to read TOUs so that you won't do what you're not supposed to do with a designer's product/freebie. For those who've read my TOU, thank you so much! I really appreciate the time that you took to read it.

Now, as a gift for reading and stopping by, here's the download link for ya! Don't forget to say hi to me or leave me some love! I'd really appreciate it!

And oh, do subscribe to my blog if you don't want to miss my latest freebies or news. You can do so by entering your e-mail addy in the box on the sidebar. You'll receive an e-mail whenever I update my blog. I'll also send a thank you gift for those who subscribe. The gift is not yet done so you'll receive it by the middle of March (hopefully). For those who has subscribed, don't worry, I've kept your e-mail addies and you'll receive the thank you gift as well!

Thanks so much again for stopping by and enjoy your day!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This is gonna be a long post. There's a lot of things I want to share, but first let me share my latest layouts:

Picture of my dearest friend Diane.
Credits: Everything from Windgefluester's Rustic Provence kit.

Picture of my dearest friend Diane with her husband.
Credits: Everything from Windgefluester's Rustic Provence kit.

Picture of my niece, Aliaa. She's so cheeky, isn't she?
Credits: Everything from Kawouette's Just 4 Girls kit.

Aliaa again. Just being her plain cheeky self. LOL.
Credits: Everything from Kawouette's Hugo kit.

Already emptied by me. I love Starbucks.
Credits: Everything from Jessica Alger's Mug Shot kit.

My nieces. They're so fun but tiring to play with. Hehe.
Credits: Everything from AmyLeigh's Brilliant Blossoms kit.

5-year-old me. LOLOL.
Credits: Everything from Danielle Young's I Do kit.

My cousin's beautiful daughter. She's so suh-weet!
Credits: Everything from Hollihobbi's Sour kit.

Aliaa when she was 2 years old. Less chubbier than now.
Credits: Everything from Hollihobbi's Sour kit.

OK, on with the news. Digital Candy is currently looking for new Creative Team members! Check out the ad:

But this is gonna be a super-quick call. It ends tomorrow (27/02/08), so don't miss it! Check out the thread here at Digital Candy.

Also, there's a new section at the Candy shop. Guess what it is? The Free Candy section!!! Yayy!! There's currently 4 free candies, be sure to check 'em out. And oh, the new Candy Jar challenge is already up! It's now hosted by Kami and Tammy. You can get the Candy Jar at the Free Candy section at the store, and post your layout(s) to the DC gallery and link it at the Candy Jar thread.

That's all from me today. Don't forget to check out the awesome products I used for my layouts! Toodles!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jessica's New Kit - Mug Shot

Are you a coffee lover? Then you'd love this new kit called Mug Shot by Jessica Alger! It's now available at GDS for $5.00. Check it out:

I really love the colors in this kit - they just shout 'coffee'! You can earn the mini if you participate in the current Color Challenge at GDS (this challenge runs until February 29th):

Also, I want to share a page that I made with Jessica's Enamored kit:

Credits: Everything from Enamored/Jessica Alger. Template from the Hodge Podge Art blog.

Don't forget to check out the Color Challenge at GDS to earn the mini of Mug Shot! See you at GDS! :)

Dreams Do Come True by Britt-ish Designs!

Ngee, have you seen this HUGE and BEAUTIFUL kit by Brittney of Britt-ish Designs?? You just have to check it out:

This "Dreams Do Come True" kit is available at ScrapMatters for $7.00. Also, Brittney has an add-on freebie that coordinates with this huge kit on her blog:

Be sure to head on to the store to get this kit! You wouldn't want to miss it!

Thanks for Your Love :)

Credits: I used everything from Be Still My Heart/TammyKat. The envelope and notebook paper is from Be Still My Heart freebie (must be logged in to the forum to download).

This is the first time I scrapped about my boyfriend. I don't have many pictures of him. The one that I used for this page is the best that I have. And I love this kit by TammyKat. There's so many beautiful papers and elements. I love the textures of the papers so much. I actually couldn't decide which paper to use for this page. I put this page aside for several days, and came back to it this night. I found it difficult to scrap a guy's page. I used to scrap about my nieces, so I can put any cute stuff and colors that I like. But for a guy's page, it's a bit more challenging. My boyfriend said he doesn't want soft colors, so I think red and black (and a little bit of pink) would be perfect. I think this page turns out great. I love it. But I might do another version too, lol!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New CT!

I'm now officially a CT for ScrapMatters! I've also made a page using Ellie Lash's Waiamea kit:

Credits here.

Check out the Waiamea kit at ScrapMatters, it's only $5.00!

Ellie also has a collection of cute chirpies for you:

Check out her store at ScrapMatters!

Monday, February 18, 2008

I've been tagged - by Charlie!!

Silly me, I've been tagged by Charlie, my CT friend of Kawouette's team, and I didn't know about it until today after I saw my page at Technorati! Am I living in another world or what? This is a serious problem, lol! I need to get back to reality. So here it is!

6 things about me that are not so important:

1. I have this caffeine crave lately - the ones topped with luscious whipped creams and some dashes of mocha. I'm crazy about it! I've been hopping to some cafes to experience the different tastes of their caffeine goodness. My favourites are Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and my college's own Wings Cafe. Since classes are about to begin next week, I'm looking forward to get my daily caffeine doses at the cafe!

2. I love donuts but I don't know how to bake donuts. I love Big Apple, Dunkin Donuts and JCo. I personally think their donuts are all great. I loved all these three. Oh, I love donuts with thick sugary toppings! I have a sweet tooth :)

3. I got my first teddy bear when I was 19, LOL! I've never had teddy bears before, so when I got the one that I have now last year, it was totally unbelievable. I want to take this opportunity to my special friend who gave me the bear. Someday I'll scrap about it!

4. I love shopping but I don't have money to go and splurge. But lucky me, my sisters are all so generous. So does my dad. But I always feel bad when I asked for money. I don't know, I always feel like that.

5. I love kids!!! I think kids are really special creatures. They live in their own little world, and we don't know how they perceive the life. They're so mysterious. That's why I love photographing and scrapping about kids.

6. I wish I can bake croissants, cakes and cookies. I love love all those good food, but I'm a terrible cook! I need to learn somehow, I can't just eat the ones from the bakeries, ayte?

OK, so I'm gonna tag these wonderful ladies:

1. Sya - I'm a big fan of her! She makes amazing pages and I love her style.
2. Ingrid - I'm so touched by her warmth and friendliness! Also a great source of inspiration to me :)
3. Bisontine - She's so nice! I get to know her from Kawouette's CT too (like Ingrid). She makes really beautiful and meaningful pages, check out her blog!
4. Diane - my great friend from Danielle Young's CT! I love her style, and she's such a wonderful person.
5. Winnie Wang a.k.a Charlize - I knew here thru AmyLeigh's CT but I didn't get to know her well. So I hope this tagging thingy will help me to learn more about her!
6. Pam a.k.a Queen Pamedalah - Also from Amy's CT. Would love to learn more about her :)

Thanks for stopping by!

My Template is Featured?!

I can't believe it... My template freebie is featured for a template challenge at the DigiscrapMania forum. I'm so flattered! And seeing the pages they created amazed me. They're jaw-droppingly gorgeous!! Some of the scrappers flipped the template 90 degrees and voila, here comes a fab page! It's so inspiring to see them creating with my template. Thank you so much you ladies!! I've placed the BabelFish translating tool on my sidebar to make it easier for you all!

Oh, don't forget to drop by at the DigiscrapMania forum. They speak French over there but hey, what's Google Translate for?? LOL!! Language is NOT anymore a barrier now. I even started to learn French more when I joined Kawouette's CT team. Thanks to the helpful and friendly ladies in the team, I don't feel so strange being the only non-French in the team.

And today I have a freebie to share with you:

It's a set of 2 pieces of cardboard backgrounds. Please remember that they're for personal use only! If you create LOs with my freebies, please link me up so I can leave you some love!

Take care and enjoy you day!

Friday, February 15, 2008


The LO I made with TammyKat's Be Still My Heart is in the gallery standouts at DST today. Yippeee!!!

And I've just finished an alpha set:

Click on the image to download.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Be Still My Heart by TammyKat

I got to play with TammyKat's Be Still My Heart this time. I really love this kit!! There's a lot of beautiful papers and elements. There's also some doodle-y stuff too. I made this page for February Photography Challenge at DC.

Be Still My Heart is currently on sale for 25% off! Check out the kit, and be sure to head over to the store to grab it while it's on sale (click on the image to go to the store):


I also used ChrissyW's template for the page above. It's from her Flying Solo templates set, which is also on sale for 25% off:


That's all for today! Off to bed now, it's 12.50pm here.

Take care and have a great day!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Traces by Sunfire

Credits: Everything from Love Traces/Sunfire

Credits: Everything from Love Traces/Sunfire

I personally love the colours in this kit. So beautiful. You can find the kit here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An engagement and my nieces :)

Credits here.

Credits here.

The first page is about my cousin's engagement (pertunangan, in Malay language) and the second page is about my nieces. Love them all.

I used AmyLeigh's Metropolitan Springtime kit by AmyLeigh Fennell for both pages:

It's currently on sale! You can get it for $3.20 (20% off).

The cute flowers and leaves adorning my second page is from Flowers For You and Leaf It To Me, also by AmyLeigh:



Anyway, I made a template out of the first page:

There's a PSD layered template for PS users and a layered TIFF file if you use PSP or other programs that don't support PSD files. Click on the image to download.

In case you're wondering where to get the torn paper template that I used in my first page, you can get it for free at ScrapGirls here. I've also updated my freebies list blog, you can head over it to see the fab freebies I found yesterday!

Anyway, if you love the template, please leave a comment and leave me a link to the layout you made with it! Thank you!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Layouts with Vintage Lust

Credits here.

Credits here.

I finally found the time and got the inspiration to play with Scrappin Freestyle's February collab kit, Vintage Lust. I really love the colours of the papers and elements.

Check out the kit at the store.

Monday, February 11, 2008

New layout

Credits here.

Love Stammy. And Kami's On My Way kit is just so perfect for these pictures. Love the bright colours and elements. Check it out:

It's available at Digital Candy for $4.99. Click on the image to go to the store :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Challenges at DC!

Yup, and everyone's favourite challenge, the Candy Jar challenge with Angela Niehaus, is back with a new Candy Jar to play with! Check it out:

Check out these challenges too:

For more challenges at DC this February, check out this thread.

Layout :)

I found Danielle Young's kits inspirational, hence I scrapped again with her kits. The layout above is created using Emma's Smile, Free Stylin', Wonderful Wizard and Lil' Green Machine altogether. You can find all the products here.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I scrapped!

Credits here.

Credits here.

I'm in a rush, so here's some quick descriptions of these 2 pages:

The first layout is made for Dawn Inskip's guest CT contest. Love her style.

And, the second layout I made using Oscrap's February collab kit, O Valentine. It's so huge and beautiful, I think you'll love the kit if you buy it. I see lots of stuff that I'll be using again and again in the future in the kit.

Check out my previous posts for the preview picture of the O Valentine kit.


New Mega Kit at Scrappin Freestyle!

Huge collab kit by the designers at Scrappin Freestyle. Check it out here.

Also, for my CT assignment this month at SFS, I'll be working with these gorgeous kits by Sunfire Designs. Check out her unique style:

Mystic Dreams by Sunfire: $5.00

My favourite among the two kits is Mystic Dreams. Love the colours of the papers and elements. I really can't wait to scrap with these kits.

Anyhow, I've done a page for Dawn Inskip's guest CT contest. There's another page to make before I can reply her e-mail. And I'm also in the 3rd round of JFTSOI site CT contest. I didn't expect to make it this far, but I'm enjoying the contest. Love the kits that they provided.