Sunday, March 16, 2008

So I found some freebies...

And I can't help to share! They're so pretty, I can't help but downloaded them all, lol. I'm also in the process of moving the freebies in my laptop to CDs. I still keep some of them that I use a lot in my laptop, though. The ones that I love to use. Anyway, here's the freebies that I was talking about:

By Summertime Designs:

By Regi Musa:

By Shabby Princess:

By lgperspective:

By ksharonk:

By Kara Perrien:

By Miss Mint:

By Lindsay Jane:

By Kellie for challenges st CLD:

And also, there are many freebies in the LDD Apprentice 2008 gallery. Do check 'em out! The apprentices are really talented!

Anyway, I've spent my $10 GC at Traci Reed's store, hehe. I bought this beautiful kit:

And this unique template set:

Thank you so much, Traci! I hope to join her team blog challenge again. It's so fun and inspiring.

Oh, gotta go now. Haven't finished my assignments! Thanks for stopping by!

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