Monday, February 18, 2008

I've been tagged - by Charlie!!

Silly me, I've been tagged by Charlie, my CT friend of Kawouette's team, and I didn't know about it until today after I saw my page at Technorati! Am I living in another world or what? This is a serious problem, lol! I need to get back to reality. So here it is!

6 things about me that are not so important:

1. I have this caffeine crave lately - the ones topped with luscious whipped creams and some dashes of mocha. I'm crazy about it! I've been hopping to some cafes to experience the different tastes of their caffeine goodness. My favourites are Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and my college's own Wings Cafe. Since classes are about to begin next week, I'm looking forward to get my daily caffeine doses at the cafe!

2. I love donuts but I don't know how to bake donuts. I love Big Apple, Dunkin Donuts and JCo. I personally think their donuts are all great. I loved all these three. Oh, I love donuts with thick sugary toppings! I have a sweet tooth :)

3. I got my first teddy bear when I was 19, LOL! I've never had teddy bears before, so when I got the one that I have now last year, it was totally unbelievable. I want to take this opportunity to my special friend who gave me the bear. Someday I'll scrap about it!

4. I love shopping but I don't have money to go and splurge. But lucky me, my sisters are all so generous. So does my dad. But I always feel bad when I asked for money. I don't know, I always feel like that.

5. I love kids!!! I think kids are really special creatures. They live in their own little world, and we don't know how they perceive the life. They're so mysterious. That's why I love photographing and scrapping about kids.

6. I wish I can bake croissants, cakes and cookies. I love love all those good food, but I'm a terrible cook! I need to learn somehow, I can't just eat the ones from the bakeries, ayte?

OK, so I'm gonna tag these wonderful ladies:

1. Sya - I'm a big fan of her! She makes amazing pages and I love her style.
2. Ingrid - I'm so touched by her warmth and friendliness! Also a great source of inspiration to me :)
3. Bisontine - She's so nice! I get to know her from Kawouette's CT too (like Ingrid). She makes really beautiful and meaningful pages, check out her blog!
4. Diane - my great friend from Danielle Young's CT! I love her style, and she's such a wonderful person.
5. Winnie Wang a.k.a Charlize - I knew here thru AmyLeigh's CT but I didn't get to know her well. So I hope this tagging thingy will help me to learn more about her!
6. Pam a.k.a Queen Pamedalah - Also from Amy's CT. Would love to learn more about her :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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